Spotify Playlist of Barnhouse Sound and Justin LaPointe's Work (Don't have Spotify? Contact us!)

Recorded, Mixed or Mastered at Barnhouse Sound Productions

Miranda Currie "Tickling The Taiga"

Children's album.

Recorded at Barnhouse Sound by Justin LaPointe. Additional Guitar and Organ also by Justin LaPointe. Click on album cover for download link. (Not Available anywhere else!)

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Surkeus Records x Barnhouse Productions "Rethink Vol. 1"

We teamed up with Barnhouse Sound Productions to bring you this fresh spin on the label sampler/covers album. ReThink Vol. 1 was truly a community effort. Surkeus artists covering songs by Surkeus artists. Label mates covering songs by label mates. 
Recorded at home. Mixed and mastered at Barnhouse Sound. Available on Bandcamp.
 (Not Available anywhere else!)