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Gear List

Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton
32+ I/O

Dynaudio LYD-48 3-way's

Yamaha 10 inch sub

Neumann KH-120

Headphone System

Hearbus Hear-Back System

6 individual mixers

8 Sets of Pro Headphones

4 Sets of Mid-Pro Headphones

2 Sets of in-ear monitors (Shure 215)

Microphone Pre-amps and Converters

Universal Audio Apollo 8p (8 channels)
Universal Audio Apollo 8 (8 channels)
Universal Audio Apollo T
win (2 channels)

Universal Audio Apollo X6 (6 channels)

2x Universal Audio 4-710D (16 channels)

API 4124 4 channel mic preamplifier (4 channels)
2x Warm audio 1073 mic pre (2 channels)

Warm Audio Tone Beast (1 channel)

Outboard Gear/Hardware


Roland Space Echo RE-201 Vintage Mint Condition 1970's

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5043 Compressor-limiter Duo

Warm Audio 2 channel Bus Compressor

Warm Audio 1176 Compressor

Warn Audio La-2a Compressor

Manley Massive-Passive EQ

API 2500 Compressor

*many other units available upon request



2x Neumann U-87

2x Coles 4038 Ribbon Microphone

2x AKG 414

2x AKG 451

6x Shure Sm57
4x Shure Sm58

2x Shure Sm7b
*2x Sennheiser 421
2x Sennheiser 906
2x Sennheiser 609
2x Avantone CR-14 Ribbon Mic

Cascade X-15 Stereo Ribbon Mic

Warm Audio Fet47

Electrovoice 664 Vintage Mic

Electrovoice 661 Vintage Mic

2x Warm Audio 67*

2x Aston Spirit
2x Aston Origin
Neuman U47*

Telefunken U47*

Telefunken Uc12*

A variety of old/funky/vintage dynamic and condeser mic for Lofi/colour. Too many to list

*Available upon request, however lead time and additional costs may incur

Want something you don't see here? Let us know! We can get anything...



Fender Deluxe Reverb silverface 1969 reissue

Fender Princeton silverface 1969 reissue

Vintage Fender Champ 1968
Vintage Gibson 6x10 of unknown origin

Orange tiny terror

Mesa Boogie 4x12 with V30 speakers
Garnet “fender champ” style amp with 1x15 speaker

Fender Blues Junior
Vox AC-15 reissue
Vox AC-30 reissue

Silvertone 2112 Head


Fender Ed O’Brien Stratocaster

Fender American Player Stratocaster
Gretch Electromatic with duomatics tuned to nashville tuning

Gibson flying V tuned to D standard

Dusenberg Starfire
Danelectro 6 string
1960’s Harmony rocket hollowbody with gold foils
1950’s Harmony Jazz Box with Gold foil
2006 Fender Telecaster H/S tuned to “keith richards” tuning

2008 Fender Telecaster H/S tuned standard
2012 Fender Telecaster with duo-sonic gretch pickups
Brian Moore Custom 24 Guitar
2006 Fender Strat 3 single coils
2006 Gibson Les Paul Studio (custom set up with dusenberg vibrato, g string stays in tune!)

2008 Fender Jazz Bass
2006 Fender Precision
1956 Harmony Bass with Gold Foil Ibanez 4 string Bass

Yamaha Custom House Drum Kit (request photo for specifcs)

*Ludwig 3-ply Drum Kit

Various Cymbals and Snares



Strymon Flint

EHX Soul Food
JHS Colour Box
JHS Neve in a box pedal

JHS twin twelve
EHX Memory Toy
T-rex plate reverb pedal

T- rex Tape Echo stereo

Fulltone Duo-drive

Pro-Co Rat Distortion

Boss Chorus

Pedal Line Selector Pedal
Amp Selector Pedal
Boss Tuner
Vintage Tremelo pedal

Lesle Speaker emulator pedal

Fulltone OCD

Custom Germanium Fuzz Custom FET Fuzz
EHX Big muff
EHX Big muff PI

EHX Memory Boy Swollen Pickle Fuzz

Fuzz Factory Fuzz
MXR Carbon Copy Delay

MXR Phase 90

Third Man TripleGraph

Earthquaker Devices Spatial Delivery

Union Tube and Transistor LAB

Fulltone GT-500

Various vintage fuzzes

Boss DD-6

Boss OD-1

Pianos and Keyboards

1920’s American Upright piano refurbished (cost over $10,000) and in 100% working order. Restored to orginal specs, perfectly in tune and beautiful sounding.

Korg Microkorg
Nord Electro 3
Nord Electro 2

Yamaha CS DX synth

Vintage Harmonium

Yamaha DX-7

4 Octave Midi Controller

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