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"Above and beyond the qualities of the space one of the things I appreciate the most about Barnhouse is the level of service and care we always receive from Justin. The place is always clean, warm and comfortable and comes equipped with the most beautiful kitchen and things to keep the band happy (hot tub, pool table, playstation and tv). My bands always eat extremely well and spirits are high the whole time. Justin is really easy to communicate with and will do all he can to accommodate the needs of the project."

Michael Wilford


"I have recently had the pleasure of Producing and Engineering a project at Barnhouse Sound Recording Studios, and could not be more ecstatic with the experience. Having worked in many large scale professional recording studios over the years, I can safely say that the Barnhouse is both technically and acoustically superior to many. The results we achieved left me in awe. The environment of the Barnhouse was equal parts inspiring and accommodating, boasting an aesthetic and vibe that are all it’s own."

Ben Erikson


"Barnhouse Sound is are an invaluable asset to the musical culture and economy of not only Vancouver Island, but of British Columbia itself. The studio is a world class facility - and I’ve been to many so called ‘world class facilities’ around the world. Only a couple that I’ve seen can retain that title when compared to the Barnhouse."

Malcolm Owen-Flood


"My experience working with Justin and Barnhouse Sound Productions has been a dream come true. Right from our first meeting a year and a half before we finished recording to where we are now, Justin has taken this project on as though it were his own.His thoughtful process, follow-up prepator y chats, the quality of his creativity and musicanship, the incredible space and escape the studio is, have all been contributing factors to helping me create one of hopefully many projects with him that I am thrilled about.Justin and the service of Barnhouse Sound Productions are an invaluble asset to the music community"


Recording Artist

Surkeus Records

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"Justin is absolutely phenomenal at running his studio, very professional, he has lots of knowledge, pointers and really warm welcoming from the first moment you meet him. I recorded my first single with him start of January 2023 but have been working with him for a number of years and he has helped me grow so much in my music career. I HIGHLY recommend The Barnhouse sound to anyone looking to record."

Austin Owens

Recording Artist

Check out his album on all streaming services!

"Justin is super passionate and an absolute pro. The grounds are spectacular. The space itself is really gorgeous. The sound was amazing. I highly recommend."

Cody Nyman

Guitar Teacher/School Owner

"My 10 year old son had his first experience with recording this afternoon. Wow, was he ever excited to tell us all about Justin and the fabulous studio. Thank you!"

Taryn Silver, Mom, Facebook Review

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